Xiaomo provides highly unique RNAi products from our lab in Hong Kong SAR.

1. Customized siRNA library and high-throughput RNAi screen for any species

We are offering ‘personalized’ RNAi library and best-in-class RNAi screen service for R&D applications. An arrayed siRNA library, containing thousands of individual siRNAs, can be made for any cell line and any species (human, mice, monkey, insect, plant, etc.). In addition, we offer high-content screen service and can develop cell-based assay for customer’s needs.

Please contact us (infor at xiaomobio.com) to get a quotation for siRNA library and screen service.

An example of this application can be found in our recent publication.

2. Green and efficient RNAi pesticide for hard-to-treat agricultural pathogens, e.g. fungi, nematodes, and viruses.

We welcome agricultural companies to collaborate with us.

Please contact us: infor at xiaomobio.com.